How relevant is a salon website these days?

Knowing what is relevant when it comes to digital marketing for your salon business, might feel slightly overwhelming in this fast-moving digital age.

Take websites, for instance. A staple for decades now. However, are they as important these days as keeping up with the latest social trends?

Yes. Absolutely. You bet they are!

About 80% of your potential customers will google you and click on your website before deciding whether or not to choose you. Your website is still one of the best marketing tools available to showcase your services and products, and convert lookers into bookers.

If your salon website is attractive, user friendly, and offers what your customers are looking for, the more chance you have of getting those online visitors to walk through your salon door.

It’s about trust. Those online visitors need to trust in you and your business. If your website doesn’t show your true vibe, they’re not going to believe in you enough to touch their hair and part with their hard-earned cash.

What is your website saying about you? Is it answering the 4 critical questions? Click here to find out what the 4 critcial questions are.

So how can you tell if your website is doing its job properly? Well, it’s all in the numbers.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service that monitors and reports on website traffic.

It tells you how many people have been on your site plus more besides, while also allowing you to set goals for what you want your website to be achieving.

If it’s not achieving those goals, then clearly something isn’t right.

The more numbers we get, the more we can see what’s not working. When we know what’s not working, we can then use that information to tweak and evolve to get the results and footfall we want.

I hear you. You are a busy salon owner and don’t have the time to look into website numbers to try and figure out what you need to change on your site to attract more customers.

The burden of keeping up with the digital age while also running a successful hair salon, doesn’t have to depend solely on you.

As a salon owner myself, I feel your pain and know your struggles, I really do. And that’s why I want to help you.

The majority of new customers into my salon and that off my clients are from the ‘website’ and ‘google’

in my own salon from the last 6 months we had 131 new clients from ‘website’ & ‘google’ (source from Meevo2 reports) that spent just over £8,500 in sales. This is common in the websites we manage for our customers.

From as little as £40 a month, I can take that burden from your shoulders and help you manage and improve your salon website to grow your business.


I have over 38 years experience in the salon hairdressing industry, am still running my own successful hair salon to this day, and now have over 13 years helping other salon business owners improve their marketing and profits.

Ultimately, I understand your needs and care about getting more traffic to your website and customers into your salon, and I think we’d work well together!

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We help hair & beauty salon businesses become more successful by implementing the right marketing and business systems that communicate effectively, to the right target audience. Our aim is to attract more customers to your salon, providing extra sales and INCREASED PROFIT to the salon owner.


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