How relevant is a salon website these days?

Knowing what is relevant when it comes to digital marketing for your salon business, might feel slightly overwhelming in this fast-moving digital age. Take websites, for instance. A staple for decades now. However, are they as important these days as keeping up with the latest social trends? Yes. Absolutely. You […]

How to make your website more customer focused

A website is still one of the best marketing tools available to showcase your business services and products, and convert lookers into bookers. But perhaps not in the way you think… Nearly every business has a website, but how many of them are really focused on the customer? Our customers […]

How much money is your website making you?

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How much money is your website making you?   Though it can be difficult to pin down an actual number, there are ways of getting a good idea of how much your website is really worth to your business.   Google Analytics and conversion goals   Google Analytics is a […]

6 important elements to a successful website

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Do I really need a website for my salon business? Yes you do.. OK, but it just needs to be a page with the salon address right? No.. Your website is your virtual salon window. We have talked before about how important the look of your actual salon window is […]