4 tips to BOOST your Christmas sales


What a SHOPortunity!!


Make this Christmas your best one yet with our top tips to increase sales.


The countdown to Christmas has truly begun and with some careful planning you can have the best Christmas sales ever!

  1. Plan

    – If you haven’t done it already, book a brainstorming session in with your team to come up with ideas on how you can BOOST sales over Christmas together. By getting everyone involved, there’s more chance of success as they helped to come up with the ideas, which in turn will make them more motivated to see the task through. Also, giving your team the opportunity to be creative in business will make them feel like a valued member of staff. You might even be amazed at all the ideas coming from your team to help BOOST your salon sales. Get ideas too by working with your product suppliers and finding out what gift sets and point of sale they are bringing out for the festive period.

  2. Set goals and allocation selling

    – Look at your sales from this time last year and aim to increase this by 10% +. In most cases this means one or two more bottles a day being sold per stylist. And remember to order enough stock so you can achieve your goal. If each team member has agreed to sell three gift sets a week, and you have six team members selling approximately 18 gift sets a week then you will need to order the sufficient amount from your product suppliers. Now you know what your big picture goal is, break this down into manageable weekly and daily goals so the team can easily see what needs to be achieved on a daily basis.

  3. Window displays

    – In the eyes of the customer, perception is reality. So if you have a dingy window display, chances are that’s how they’ll see your business as a whole. Your shop window is your 24/7 – 365 days a year free advertising space. It’s the place where you can show who you are, mark seasonal events and, it is your welcome mat. Your image is important and first impressions are key when clients are deciding whether to go with you or not. Did you know, client’s make up their mind about a store within the first ten seconds of them becoming aware of the business. Therefore, making the right impression with a bold statement of a window that is dressed to impress, is paramount. Target the early bird Christmas shoppers looking for gift sets for presents, as much as the last-minute rush. You can begin doing subtle Christmas displays now building up the displays as you get closer to Christmas. Think it’s too early? Selfridges opened its Christmas shop on 1st August! Need some help with your window displays?


  • Less is more when building displays. Have one simple message, and remember that having empty space is ok. You don’t have to fill every corner of the window
  • Display in a triangle. A simple triangle will focus the attention on your single message and make it more appealing to the eye
  • Use posters you’ve created or use product companies POP
  • Use only one branded product or gift set at a time. Don’t mix brands as this will dilute your message
  • Use props that make a statement and grab attention. Props that sparkle, light and move will help to grab attention
  • Light up your windows at night
  • Make sure all products, fascia, sills and lighting are pristine and facing the correct way for the biggest impact
  • Go outside and look at your display. Ask passers by what they think. Turn away from the display, turn back and count to three and then turn away again. What did you see? Did you pick up on the message? We only have three seconds to grab someone’s attention, so make your display count
  • Change your window displays every 6-8 weeks to keep them effective



  1. In-salon displays, visual merchandising and tactical selling

    – These are all great ways to BOOST your sales, especially when 70% of sales are impulse purchases and made in store. In general, 40% of consumers spend more money in-store than they had originally planned. If your products are out of sight, then they are out of mind. So get them out and make sure that your clients can see, touch and smell them. Need some help with your in-store displays?


  • Use feature tables or shelving for your Christmas gift sets. Display with baubles and ribbon to help your clients associate the products as suitable gift ideas. Have “try me” test products so clients can pick them up to sample
  • Create message-enhancing displays throughout the client’s journey at the lather Lounge, styling stations and reception
  • Smaller sized products and brushes work as great stocking stuffers. Think of them as your “chocolate at the checkout” and display them on reception to help increase your average bill
  • Make sure you merchandise your products well using the right facings, displaying more of the most popular products and use stock control to make sure you don’t run out. Eye level is buy level. Keep the products on the shelf edge or buy line. Display them as soldier lines and display facing the front. Use Signage-screamers and talker labels to pin point where the products are, what they are and add pricing to all your products
  • Take a look around at other retailer’s displays in places such as department stores and supermarkets to get inspiration for your displays. Try and emulate the same feelings with your display
  • Did you know that 70% of all electrical sales occur during November and December? So don’t forget to stock up on your electrical items. Try having a tool bar with your electrical items on display and offer free demonstrations on how to use them at home
  • Cross merchandise your electricals with heat protection products for even more sales
  • Use social media and your website to engage clients and promote your gift sets, products and services
  • Create a blow out/dry Christmas party menu aligning the styles with products for an increase in sales ands services.
  • Have a pre-Christmas ‘soiree’event and invite your top spending and VIP guest to an evening of hair, beauty & make-up education, demonstrations and showcase your gift sets and products. Invite them to bring a friend along who hasn’t been to the salon before to increase the potential of your new client %.



But what about after Christmas and New Year?


Not only should you be planning for the best Christmas ever but you should also be thinking about how to BOOST sales during the quieter months of January and February, when it’s harder to get people to leave their houses and hats are a staple wardrobe item.


What about?

  • Having a gift card/voucher sale in December with extra bonus £ added that can be only used in January or February
  • Giving out Christmas cards with some offers to use only in January or February
  • Adding a £voucher to all gift sets. This will create added value and when the recipient receives it on Christmas day they get lovely hair & beauty products and a voucher to use in your salon. You may get some new clients!
  • For salons that have point loyalty schemes, use extra double or triple points when an appointment is booked for January
  • Have a re-booking culture at the reception before your client’s check out. What is your current re-booking percentage? Keep score and you do more!



If you need help in creating a dazzling window display, help with visual merchandising or tactical selling, then BOOSTmySALON can help. Get in touch today.


We want to host a sharing and caring community right here, so if you have any ideas to help other salons boost their sales, then please do comment below. We would love to hear from you.





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According to IMRG RETAIL the hair & beauty sales grew 18% in 2015 and is predicted to do the same in 2016. Even though 27% of retail sales were done online there is no substitute to in salon advice and reccomendations. 45% of consumers are purchasing using their mobile devise.(is your website mobile friendly?) 

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