You’ve shut up shop. What now?

Business during cover-19

Every single salon and spa business has been impacted by the Coronavirus. Never in our lifetime have we experienced an extraordinary time such as this that has affected so many people and businesses on a global scale.   For a lot of businesses, the outlook is bleak with many already […]

Looking for that five star Google review?

Google my business

Looking for that five star Google review? How many hairdressing businesses are there in and around your town? Do you know how their Google reviews compare to yours? Is your salon one of the first to come up when people search for a new hairdresser in your area? I’m guessing […]

Focus is the key to a successful business

Salon business

Focus is the key to a successful business     Are you a salon owner that’s also a hairdresser working on the shop floor?   Are you spending and making the most of your time wisely?   Do you want to grow your business?   Then stop what you are […]

What’s your favorite position?

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What’s your favorite position?   Without a doubt, the best position is to be on top. Dominating. Showing how it should be done. It’s my favourite position for my business that’s for sure. Yes, business. I don’t know what you thought I was asking you about. And the fact you’re […]

Tips for better Facebook marketing & advertising

facebook marketing

Facebook advertising and your marketing strategy   How effectively are you using Facebook advertising and its tools as part of your marketing strategy?   Facebook’s algorithms are getting smarter each day, and the changes to its advertising rules are making it harder to reach out to new audiences that will […]

10 tips to BOOST your in-salon retail business

hair products

10 tips to BOOST your in-salon retail business Are you getting the best return you could be from your products? Turn your retail shelves into a moneymaking machine that could pay your salon rent, see you going on that holiday of a lifetime or getting the car of your dreams. […]

Is digital marketing pure wizardry?

Is digital marketing pure wizardry?   The short answer is no, but in the era of algorithms, tracking codes, pixels, re-marketing, automation, personalisation – heck, you can even choose the demographic and target audience that you want visiting your salon; it may seem and feel like wizardry. But there has […]