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Facebook advertising and your marketing strategy


How effectively are you using Facebook advertising and its tools as part of your marketing strategy?


Facebook’s algorithms are getting smarter each day, and the changes to its advertising rules are making it harder to reach out to new audiences that will have an interest in your salon business. Unless you are willing to pay more that is. We need to keep on top of the changes and use the tools at our disposal more effectively to successfully attract the right clients while keeping costs down.


Let’s take a look at what that really means.




Spend time working on your Facebook marketing strategy and on seeing it through. Only through dedication, focus and adapting your strategy as you learn more, will you see a return on your investment by attracting new clients and BOOSTing your business.


Work on your Facebook page to build your audience, creating a community and encouraging engagement and conversation. Did you know, when a company creates a post on their feed, only around 10% of their audience will ever see that post? Now that is a good stat to try and smash!


Learn from the experiences that you gain while trying your hand at Facebook posting and advertising. Try out different marketing strategies and techniques to discover the secret of what works with your audience and what brings in new clients. If something doesn’t work, try something else. Take the time to learn about what works for your business.


Facebook remarketing


We’ve all experienced remarketing at some point. Say you visit a website and look at a specific item. The next site you visit will no doubt include an advert or two for that item you were looking at on the other site – encouraging you to go back and buy it. You perhaps won’t go back straight away and buy the item, but seeing it again and again makes it far more likely that you will eventually buy it.


Like it or loathe it, these are time we live in, and it’s a successful strategy that you will want to be a part of. People who have already been to your website are warm leads, they have some kind of interest in your salon, your services etc. Therefore, you are better off advertising to warm leads than cold calling as the percentage of people who will click the advert, take an action, return to your website or call you – are higher.


Facebook has its own version of remarketing (Facebook Pixel) that will allow you to target adverts on the Facebook pages of those who have visited your website. This means you can target potential clients who have specifically looked at your website and encourage them to visit your salon.


By adding Facebook Pixel on your website (a type of tracking code that enables you to measure, optimise and build an audience for your ad campaign), you can be smart and create adverts that correspond to specific pages. For example, if someone has visited a page promoting your colouring services, then you can target them with an advert re-promoting your colouring services to them. If someone has visited a page that holds a new client offer, then you create an advert promoting the new client offer.



Here’s how to get started with Facebook remarketing:

  • Head to Facebook and set up a business page. Then set up a Facebook Ads Manager account.
  • Create a Facebook Pixel and apply it your site if you know how, or have your developer put it there.
  • Create a Custom Audience and Lookalike Audiences (explained below).
  • Create your adverts and link to the Custom Audience and Lookalike Audiences.


Custom Audiences & Lookalike Audiences


Don’t forget that sometimes the most valuable audience is the one you already have a connection with. Custom Audiences on Facebook and Instagram help you to better reach the people who are already associated with your business, aiming to encourage repeat custom. You can import a contact list or remarket (as described before) to those who have taken an action on your site or mobile app (should you have one).


With Custom Audiences you can also be very specific with targeting as you have the capacity to choose location, demographic, interests, age range, salary and so much more; meaning you can target the exact the type of person who is likely to be interested in your business.


The next step after you have created your Custom Audience is to then create a Lookalike Audience. Lookalike Audiences are people who ‘look like’ your existing clients in your Custom Audience, aiming at BOOSTing new business. They will share similar likes, interests or characteristics as your current engaging audience.


Audience lists you should look at creating are:

  • Website visitors (people who have visited your website) (Custom Audience)
  • Website visitors lookalike (Lookalike Audience)
  • Facebook page visitors (Custom Audience)
  • Facebook visitors lookalike (Lookalike Audience)
  • CRM data and email subscribers list (upload a CSV file with names, email addresses, etc. The more information you can upload the better) (Custom Audience)
  • CRM data and email subscribers lookalike (Lookalike Audience)


Once you have created your audience lists it’s then time to create your adverts and set them free to market your salon and services. As mentioned earlier, take the time to learn the successes and failures of your advertising efforts so you can adapt your ad campaigns to better reach potential clients. There are lots of analytics/insights available too to help you figure out what your next marketing move should be when it comes to advertising, so get to finding out what they all mean.


But don’t get complacent with your advertising either. To stand out from the crowd you need to be regularly trying new tactics to get your business seen. Go on, have fun with it.


Any successful and profitable salon will tell you the same thing, they owe much of their success to their marketing efforts. After all, if they didn’t market, how would anyone know their business was even there? Become an expert and take Facebooks free exams and courses 


Make the time to strategise, to come up with new ideas that will get clients through your doors and to put the effort into implementing and sticking with your advertising plan. Spend at least a few hours a day on marketing and getting new clients.  BOOSTmySALON can help you with Facebook and Instagram advertising. Get in touch for expert help in BOOSTing your salon business today.







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