What’s your favorite position?

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What’s your favorite position?


Without a doubt, the best position is to be on top. Dominating. Showing how it should be done. It’s my favourite position for my business that’s for sure. Yes, business. I don’t know what you thought I was asking you about. And the fact you’re here with BOOSTmySALON shows that your favourite position too is to be the number one salon in your town.




It means more than just where your business sits. It’s positioning your salon to the right audience, and understanding how your products and services are different to your competitors, to know where your niche lies and how to take advantage of it.


There are certain salons, both big-branded and local ones, that seem to have all the market share, to have all the success, to have customers climbing over each other to get an appointment, to be in the limelight winning awards and appearing often in trade magazines.


Those salons cut hair, just like you. They colour hair, just like you. They have the same services as you. So what is it that makes them stand out to draw all that praise and attention?


Good positioning, that’s how. Thanks to well executed PR and marketing campaigns that push their niche areas, these salons have been launched into their own category and away from their competitors.


Yet most salon owners give little thought to positioning their salon away from their competitors, mainly because they’re not sure how to do it. Their biggest question is, how can we move forward and be seen in a different category to our competitors when we do the same as everyone else?


Finding your niche or story


The answer is to find your niche or story, to find what sets you apart. If, like so many, you’re struggling to find the nicheness in your business, then try answering these questions:


  1. What are the skills and talents your salon excels at?
  2. Of those skills and talents, which make your salon really come to life?
  3. What, out of those skills, do people need?
  4. Which of those skills would people pay big money for?


If you know your salon well enough, you should be able to answer those questions fairly easily, but don’t worry if you need some time to think about it. You could even make it a team exercise. Grab some big bits of paper, some pens and get mind mapping!


Other questions you could also ask yourself to help find your salon’s niche points are:


  • What makes you stand out from the crowd?
  • What is your unique selling point (USP)?
  • What makes your salon desirable and the destination to be seen in?
  • What are you good at?
  • What are the things in your salon that can leverage your uniqueness to let prospective customers and your clients know why they should choose you, and why trade magazines should write about you?
  • What are your brand values or mission statement? How do they set you apart?
  • Have you won awards? If so, are you shouting about them?
  • Do you have credited colour specialists in your salon and are you telling your clients about this?
  • Is there something special about your salon culture?
  • Does your salon give back to charities?


Find that special thing about your salon that the world will want to know about.


Stepping into the limelight


When you know what it is that makes your business stand out, take that knowledge, use it in your marketing strategy and begin to position your salon away from your competitors. Share and communicate your message of difference on your social media platforms, on posters, print adverts, on your website, in emails and other digital marketing campaigns.


Create your own limelight to step into that will leave your rivals behind while you take your place on top where you deserve to be.


BOOSTmySALON can help you to understand where your nicheness lies and how you can best market it to make your salon the place to be. Get in touch for expert help in BOOSTing your salon business today.



Happy BIZness








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