Is digital marketing pure wizardry?

Is digital marketing pure wizardry?


The short answer is no, but in the era of algorithms, tracking codes, pixels, re-marketing, automation, personalisation – heck, you can even choose the demographic and target audience that you want visiting your salon; it may seem and feel like wizardry.

But there has never been a better time to start learning the art that is marketing, especially digital marketing that will drive traffic to your salon chairs. And today we are going to give you ten tips on how you can BOOST your salon business through digital marketing.

Let’s take it back to basics for a sec and talk about what digital marketing is. In simple terms digital marketing is a way for you to promote your business, services and products using all forms of digital media using digital technologies. In today’s modern world where, in the UK alone, we spend an average 66 hours a month on our phones browsing the net, none of us are ever very far away from some sort of business promotion or digital marketing campaign. But when done in the right way, digital marketing can significantly help a business sell more products and services, achieving a good ROI and conversions rate.


So what digital marketing options should you be considering?


  1. A website. If you don’t have a website for your salon, you sadly won’t be on any digitally-inclined client’s radar who want to see your salon or spa information prior to stepping into your premises, and you’ll be making zero impact on the digital world as a whole. Not sure where to start with a website? BOOSTMYSALON can help give you an impactful-from-the-start welcome into the digital world with a website from £725 or from £40 a month with our subscription plans. See more prices here


  1. Tracking codes. Used on the backend of your website, tracking codes allow you to see exactly how visitors to your site – use your site. By looking at the analytics from the tracking codes, you will gain a picture of where the strengths and weaknesses lie on your site and what is stopping potential clients from booking an appointment or buying into your services.


  1. Google AdWords. You know the first few results on the Google results page with a little ‘AD’ next to them? They are an example of Google AdWords. Display adverts on Google and its advertising networks help to promote your salon business. Use all the features at your disposal for best results such as, including sitelinks, which allow you to add up to six pages of your site, and don’t forget to beef your advert up by adding relevant keywords and search terms. You pay for every click to your site from the ad. Not getting any clicks? Try changing up your keywords. Still not working? We can show you how to improve your click and conversion rate or set up an advert for you from £55.


  1. Landing page for promotions. Create a unique landing page on your website that promotes and coincides with the specific service or offer you are presenting on your advert. Don’t forget to include those tracking codes on your new landing page so you can see how well it did and learn from for your future promotions! Are you beginning to see how all the different digital marketing elements can work together? BOOSTmySALON can help design you a landing page from £155.


  1. Remarketing. This feature allows you to show an advert to people who have visited your website and have shown an interest in your company or services. Once they have left your site and are viewing other websites an advert will appear reminding them about you and your company, services or offers. Advert design not quite your thing? We can design a fabulous remarketing advert for you from £55.


  1. Email marketing. Believe it or not, email is still one of the best ways to effectively reach your target audience and is 3x more effective than social media marketing. Clients must opt-in to receive emails from you, which when they do means they want to get messages from you and are already invested in your business. Keeping your salon favourably on their radar will help to keep them coming back to you. It’s important to engage with your clients informing them of any offers, promotions, new services, products or events. Email is the currency of the web and is the price we must all pay when we sign up to any new site. Everyone online has an active email address so when it comes to connecting with your clients, there is no channel better equipped. You can create gorgeous email campaigns, guaranteed to get you results with our email builder . A simple to use drag-and-drop system, you can  pick from hundreds of professionally-designed templates. Make them your own for a completely branded email campaign that looks great on every device from £19 per month.


  1. Search engine optimisation (SEO). There are certain tricks to improving your website that when applied will make it comply better with Google, thus improving your ranking on the site’s search results pages. Improve your keywords, add in videos and make sure your site is optimised for mobile. Find out more on this previous blog


  1. Short Message Service (SMS). Or text messaging. Send out appointment reminders to reduce no shows and send out direct offers to BOOST last minute appointments. The downside is that the message must be short, snappy and to the point. The upside is that they have a very high open rate exceeding email. Do you need advice on obtaining SMS bundles for a great price? We use & recommend M-science 
  1. Social media. The one you’ve all been waiting for. Think about who your customers are and where you are most likely to be able to engage with them. The general rules to follow for each social media platform: Twitter, you need to be funny; Facebook, you need to be informative; Instagram, you need to be beautiful (imagery); Snapchat; you need to tell a story. Engaging with your fans on various social platforms to spread your company values, work, images, team, fun, passion, education and more. The trick is to use the 80/20 rule. 20% sale and 80% other stuff. If opting for Facebook, get onto Business Manager. Set this feature up for detailed analytics and detailed adverts. Also, you can set up a unique pixel tracking code to add to your website for future remarketing. It works in the same way as the google tracking code. When someone who has been on your website and then goes on their Facebook page then they will see adverts on their timeline or to the side promoting your business, services or offers.

10. Salon app. With more people using & addicted to their smart phones you need to have a salon app that clients can easily access your telephone number to call or go online to book. Send push notifications at an instant about your latest openings, offers or promotions. Having a salon app gives the impressions your salon business is current & keeping up with the times. Check out our prices for salon apps here



For more information, advice or a friendly chat about marketing your salon, please get in touch via our contact forms or email  or just call us on 01344 834 989


We can’t wait to hear from you.


If you have had any marketing successes or have advice that you would like to share to other salon and spa owners, then why not think about becoming a guest blogger for BOOSTmySALON. Sharing is caring.


Happy BIZness


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